Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{a peck of pickled peppers} + toddler session

The lovely miss Piper and I spent the afternoon together yesterday, this child is BEAUTIFUL!! She was so much fun!! It rained for a little bit but as soon as it stopped we ran outside and snapped a few pictures. Looking forward to another session soon!!!

It's GOOD to be home from Colorado!! I survived the 14 hour van ride home, THANK THE LORD!!! I'm back in school, working on getting caught up on everything... (yes, I'm SUPER behind... like 8 assignments behind!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!) Anyways, I'm going to be insanely busy getting everything caught up. Wish me luck.

Hope you're enjoying the HEAT!!



Saturday, July 24, 2010

UPdATE!!!!!! {from my iPhone!!!!}

Ellllllo lovelies!!!! I'm in COLORADO right now!! It's BEAUUUTIFULLL here!! ...and the weather is OH SO AWESOME!! :-) I'm here chaperoning some of our young people... Currently I'm sitting in a conference room waiting for a busload of other young people to get here. Justin's serenading me with his guitar, I'm fixing to fall asleep!! We start the drive back to good ole Tulsy town in approximately 7 hours. Yay. I can't wait to spend 12 hours on the van again... :-) seriously tho, Heritage was life changing. God is amazing. Can't wait to be home.

Hurm. ...was gonna upload a fee pics but can't get it to work?? Poo.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's take a dip!! + {illustrative}

Howdy y'all!! =) Yesterday I did an underwater shoot with Brooklyn, we had a BLAST!!! It was about a hundred and sixty degrees outside so it was tempting to not get all the way in with her!!!!! lol! This was my first try at an underwater type shoot, it was so much fun. Kudos to Shelby for letting us use her pool, Cookie for assisting, and KK for the inspiration and help!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ugh. So I've kinda been gone for a few minutes, hours, days. Sorry about that. The artist's pitfall. More on that later... =( I'm back now!!!! =D

A few things have happened since we last talked.

We had youth camp TWO weeks ago, it was A M A Z I N G!!!!!! God moved in a mighty way and there were quite a few people who received the Holy Ghost for the first time!! There's a few pictures below...

In other news, my birthday was FIVE days ago!!!! I'm getting SUPER old. Got the cane out and polished it yesterday... ha! Oh, and if you still haven't sent me my gifts, money, cards, etc, email me for my home address!! =)

Oh, and I'm going to Colorado for a week too, pretty excited about that! =D

Lots of updating coming soon. Lots and lots and lots.

Much Love!


Me and THE CUTEST little dude I've ever seen!!!!! EVER! Look how much he's grown!!!!! I think it's time to photo him again, don't you!?! =)

Me and my bubs on Pirate Day, hence the hook. I had a parrot and the whole nine yards on earlier in the day!! Aye aye matey! =)

Cindy, Me, and Brandy on Royalty Day... We were the staff for the Junior Campers.
 Me and Marissa on Friday night after church... LOVE this girl! =)