Friday, October 15, 2010

spinning around + [tulsa state fair]

I shot this image on a chilly night last week at the Tulsa State Fair. I'm LOVING this cooler weather! =) I wanted to show the movement of the swings along with the beeeee-utiful colors of the lights. Dropped down my shutter speed and WAAAAHHHLAH!!! =) This photo reminds me of life... Sometimes it just keeps on spinning, never giving us a chance to catch our breath! Oh well, better busy than not, huh?


Whitney =)

SHEBANG!!! + [newscope marketing]

Recently I shot some photos for a company called Newscope Marketing for the Tulsa State Fair. They're a great group of people located in Granbury, TX. They travel all over and head up the marketing for Ford Motor Company. I've been lucky to work with them for five years now, this year they wanted me to do some photos for their website, etc. I had a blast shooting for them, looking forward to working with them in the future! =)