Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet Miss Layla + [family session]

I love the name Layla. Always have. This little girl stole my heart!!! Curly hair, GORGEOUS eyes and SO much personality!! After winning her over she decided she didn't want her mom and dad anymore... SCORE!!!!! haha!! ;+)  I'm just covered in awesome-sauce, I know... =) I had SO much fun with this sweet family, SO glad Layla's mommy contacted me!! Looking forward to seeing them again in a few days to deliver their final product! =) P.S. It's NOVEMBER and I'm thankful for each and every one of YOU! Without my friends, blog readers, supporters, and haters I would be helping someone take a bath. No REALLY...  I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living!! 
I appreciate each and EVERY one of YOU!!! =)


Friday, October 28, 2011

think outside of the box. fact, get rid of the box. Who needs a box anyways? 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

school pictures + [writesomethinghere]

Fun. Photography should ALWAYS be fun. At least I think so. I shot 35 kids today. Put the Kleenex's away, it was with a camera. ;+)  After doing all of the yearbook mugs for today, I decided to have some fun with my camera.  I was teaching one of my photography students about studio lighting and shot this image. This is Vanessa, she is one of my sweet (and super smart) piano students. Love the way this image turned out. Brings back the good old days of OSUIT and Kelly Kerr. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sweet baby boy + [newborn session]

Just HAD to add a picture from today's newborn session!!!!!! I'm in LOVE!! =)

Sweet THANG!! + {baby session}

This little girl is SO. MUCH. FUN!! She brought her mommy and daddy along for the session as well. We had a blast, as always!!! =) Sessions are filling up fast for this fall!! Send me a message to get your spot before someone else takes it! Don't wait until it's FREEZING cold outside!!! =)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello friends!!! If you are a a friend of WNPhoto on Facebook, then you NEED to go and vote in our current contest!!! Look for the album called "**CUTEST STINKER-HEAD CONTEST!!** ROUND TWO!" and "like" your favorite photo to make your vote count! The contestant who has the most likes will receive a FREE session along with a $60 print credit. Yay for contests!! Yay for new fans!!!! =)

Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello there my lovely friends!!!!! Just wanted to share a picture from yesterday's session with you!!! I'm running a special for the duration of the fair with a **LIMITED** amount of sessions available. These special sessions are at a discounted rate of $20 for the session fee. This is for ONE outfit, up to 5 people, and the session will generally last somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours. The fair is the PERFECT setting for a family, senior, engagement/couple, or children's session!!!! Please send me a message to to reserve your spot!!!! =) -Whitney

Sunday, August 21, 2011

the handsome studs have arrived. + [tulsa family photographer]

Love, love, these kids and their mom and dad. We had everything from sweating eyeball fits to totally tubular tire tutu acts during our session. It was a blast. We used two new locations, both were perfect!! I love finding new spots! These two were so much fun to photograph, can't wait to do their whole family this fall! Watch out ladies, these handsome fellows will be marrying age in a few years!! (Just don't tell their mom that!!) ;+)
Whitney Nicole Photography Tulsa Photographer 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss Priss + {TULSA kids photography}

Love this sweet little girl!!! She's got SO much personality!!!! LOVE it! ;+)

Hmmmmm.... I'm thinking Target ad, what do you think?? ;+)

I still have a few sessions open for this week, email me if you're interested... Would love to get you in!! You get a TON of goodies with the special this week... HALF off prints, two day turn-around, and same day viewing just to name a few!! Send an email to to reserve your spot! LCA parents... there's a HUGE reorder special coming your way this week, watch your email!! ;+)


Friday, August 12, 2011

Cutie Pies + [kids session]

Aren't they just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!??!? Just wanted to share their cuteness with you!!! Coming down the pipes are some HUGE specials... get READY!! Also, check out our 10N5 event that's happening next week!!! It's a SUPER good deal!!!! (Just see for yourself!!!) Details are below! =)


Hello there!!!! We're having another 10N5 portrait event in honor of the end of summer!! Only more sessions available, send me an email at to reserve your spot! ;+) See details below...


$ twenty-five-dollar session fee. [$25]

**HALF OFF** all regular print prices. (AYKM!?!!)

Same day viewing and ordering. (yep, yep, yep.)

---TWO--- day turnaround time. (LUMPY LEGOS, that's FAST!!)

FREE sheet if you are a FACEBOOK fan!! (WOOOHOOOO!!!!!)

Refer a friend who books a session for the 10N5 event and BOTH of you get 15% off your total print order!! (ooooooohhhh yeah)




We still have EIGHT spots available, don't miss out on this special event!!!!! Send me a message to reserve your spot!!!

Please share this with your friends!!!! (who doesn't like to get in on a good deal?)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Days Like These... + {pet photography}

Sometimes I wish I could do this all day... Sunny just doesn't know how lucky he is. <3 Yes, you saw two posts in one day. :+)


Cynthia & Deyssi + {senior sessions}

      Well hellllllloooooo there!!! ;+) Here are a few shots from a recent senior session I did with the lovely Miss Cynthia and Deyssi!! They were oh so much fun to work with; these girls are CRAZY!!! Especially Deyssi... Crazy Deyssi. ;+) They did their sessions on the same day, we had a blast!! Even though they were goobers, we got a lot of great images. Enjoy! 


Thursday, February 24, 2011


TEN IN FIVE starts *N*O*W*!!!!!!!!!! {TEN photo sessions in FIVE days} Can we do this??? Yes. Ohhh yes we can.


Here are the details:

$25 session fee.

**HALF OFF** all regular print prices. (AYKM!?!! that's only $10 PER SHEET!)

Same day viewing and ordering. (uhh-huh)

---TWO--- day turnaround time. (HOLY COW, that's FAST!!)

FREE sheet if you are a FACEBOOK fan!! (WOOOHOOOO!!!!!)

Refer a friend who books a session for the 10N5 event and BOTH of you get 15% off your total print order!! (ooooooohhhh yeah)




Booking starts NOW, don't miss out on this special event!!!!! Send me a message to reserve your spot!!! (

SPREAD THE NEWS! Tell your friends! Tell yo' mamma and yo' aunties!!!! (who doesn't like to get in on a good deal?)

****SPACE IS LIMITED**** (only TEN spots are open!!!!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ms.Mackey + {Senior Love}

Heeeellloooooooo!!! ;-) Everyone meet Mariah!! She called me up wanting a quick senior shoot and I said, Heeeeeey... why not!!!?! Let's do this!! It was FREEEZING outside but we had fun despite the weather! Enjoyed my time with this girl and I LOVED the new location!!

ENJOY! ;-)


Playing Catch UP!!! + {GRACIE MCKOY}

I love this child, so SO much!!!! She's beautiful and so much fun!!