Thursday, December 2, 2010

Casey + [senior session] + No.2

Ellllllllooo lovelies!!!! =) Have I mentioned how much I appreciate YOU!? My blog readers ROCK! =) Thank you for taking the time to follow me as I grow in what I LOVE to do, photography. It means a lot to get your feedback on my work, thanks for your comments, love, and support!!! =)

Here we have Casey, an awesome girl who's graduating next year!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! You can see her first session a few posts back... We had SOOOO much fun on this shoot, (I have fun on all of my shoots)! From being chased/almost killed by a dog to snooping on a homeless man we had QUITE an adventure!! I had a TON of favorites from this session... ENJOY! =)


-Whitney =)

What a beautiful city.

Here's a shot of downtown I captured yesterday. I finally cleaned my hard drive off so I can do panoramics, yay! =]