Monday, June 21, 2010

Hannah Banana {Studio Session}

We had a lovely group of girls come and hang out with us at OSUIT last week! I had the pleasure of working with Hannah in the studio, she was so much fun! I tried a new lighting set up from the AMAZING ZA and it WORKED!!! =D Photography is so FUN and I absolutely LOVE what I do!! =) Last Thursday was the last day of class for two weeks... (summer break)!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! =) I'll be working with clients this week and next week is our annual church youth camp!! YAY! =)




  1. holy cow on fire floating in tortilla soup!!!! Whit, these are awesome!!! Where'd you get a studio?? I want one!!!! :p

  2. hahahahahahaha!!!!! That seriously made my day Alberto!! lol! Thanks for the compliment! We have a studio at school silly! =)