Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{NEW BLOG!} + Ms.Jackson!!!!!!!!

Hey errrrrrrrrrrrbody!! =D We recently had an assignment for our Portrait Class where we were working on different lighting ratios... FUN STUFF!! =) My lovely friend Sara posed for me, she was a blast to work with. Here are a couple of pics from our shoot...

Time for a fresh new look for the business!! New blog, new logo, new promo materials and working on the new website! =) I was tired of being so ehhhh... black. Still working on tweaking a few little things... annnnnd I couldn't get my followers to transfer over, so RE-FOLLOW me! And tell all your bettys!!! =D Fresh stuff coming up S to the O to the O to the N!!!!!!!!



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  1. WHITNEEEEEEEEY!!!! That's Awsome!!! LOVE those PIC's... YOUR THE BEST!!! =D